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главная/новости/«Dragons» fly to European League. «Krasnodar» pushed «Portu» out of Champions League!

«Dragons» fly to European League. «Krasnodar» pushed «Portu» out of Champions League!

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«Dragons» fly to European League. «Krasnodar» pushed «Portu» out of Champions League!

Defeat, breakthrough and a shoot out of CL. Portugal in tears. «Krasnodar» made a history in «Dragau». More nervous than Sergei Galitsky and Russian fans could have been only book makers. So many emotions experienced over 90 minutes and  without an opportunity to watch the game on Russian TV. Yes – resistance to stress was necessary!

Tough match in its full sense! Battle for each second of the game. Teams were simply fighting on the field. 

«Krasnodar» began incredible game from first seconds, goals flew one after another! Three goals! One could dance for joy, but football as we know is an unpredictable game, a game where each minute can change everything! Tonny Vilhena scored a goal to «Portu» on a third minute. After Tonny, Magomed Shapi Suleimanov, a student of «Krasnodar» Academy shot at the goal to «Portu» on 12th and 34th minutes of the game. A breathtaking beginning. «Dragau» have sold 40 thousand tickets and there was the biggest accumulation of disappointed faces in one place at that moment. Pacifiers to everybody!

When «Portu» realized that everything could be lost it revived! One could say that the game began again! Ze Luis reminded to «Krasnodar» that relax is not recommended and slotted in one to Safonov! After the goal scored by Ze Luis «Portu» moved to pressing and «Krasnodar» to defense. Many mistakes, a lot of stress and a desire to keep the score, that has led to unnecessary losses. «Portu» became stronger! It was obvious!

Players of «Krasnodar» demonstrated a beautiful football of quality and did not disappoint their fans. This was a match worth of Champions League!

Same score two minutes before the end, 2:3 and evidently «Krasnodar» should not lose its chance to move to next stage. But «Portu» did not want to fly out to European League.

Crew of referees from Italy added 5 more minutes. Pacifiers to everybody again!

After not minutes, but seconds counted. Time has dragged on unbelievably slow.

A whistle of a referee and that’s it! Victory!

After that – emotions! Joy of «Krasnodar», tears of «Portu» fans! Pain on the face of Pepe and tears that were broadcast for almost a minute. Good fighters, standing ovation! But “Road to new «Bulls» as they say!

Could Russian fans fully enjoy the game? With pacifiers no Russian broadcast – yet they did!

Big numbers of fans disappointed over the decision not to broadcast live near amphitheater of «Krasnodar» park. «Kind regards» were sent to Match TV channel amidst of text internet messages by nearly everyone. Sportscaster Konstantin Genich twittered that it is not the fault of the channel that the game was not shown. The reason is that the FC is the owner of this right and the FC decided not to sell it. And how’s about a notification in advance?

Regarding to «Portu» one can only suppose that the FC needs a promotion of the app on the local market. These things happen! We have won! We are not sad!

Get well soon, Segio Oliveira!

Big appreciation to «Krasnodar» for an important page in the history book of the club, and this page was opened specifically today in the field of the opponent!

photo by FC "Krasnodar"


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