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Premier League of Russia and Russian Football Association to discuss the Season Renewal

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Premier League of Russia and Russian Football Association to discuss the Season Renewal

Moscow April 29
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A standby mode that is on since the moment of the last games of 22nd tour probably comes to its end. If only on a TV but still fans will be able to enjoy games, and in a better case scenario of COVID-19 situation in this country, presumably in person on the terrace of the field.

Let us recall that there was a panel session for executive committee of Russian Football Association on the 1st of April and there was a decision taken to suspend Tinkoff Championship of Russian Premier League until 31st of May. Football drowned in uncertainty, players and clubs everywhere in the world (except for Byelorussia, [author]) found themselves in exactly the same situation when nobody played.

Little by little the ice is breaking. RPL and RFA conversed today the possibilities and algorithms to reopen the football season. Directors of Premier League clubs in Russia also took part in this discussion.

National League has reviewed currently possible scenarios to finish this football season by August 2nd as proposed by UEFA. Defining the participant for European cups based on athletic approach is one of the reasons for that as well.

Leagues have to present to UEFA the lists of participants in Eurocups for 2020-2021 season by August 3d. Qualification games for European tours, currently appointed for August 11-13 will begin from the second qualification round for Premier League clubs of Russia.

UEFA announced its recommendations to be in receipt of information about options to continue the season until May 25. That is why discussion with clubs was on the subject and detailed for each item.

Following to recommendations of UEFA, Russian Premier League proposed a two option calendar. To start at June 21 is case number one. Two first tours are planned for one week time in order to relieve the load for players. Then five tours with games in the middle of the week and the last one is during one week again.

Another option to conduct games provides for renewal of games from June 28 that starts from a week’s cycle and to conduct remaining seven tours with games in the middle of the week. Both options are drafted with a consideration to a possible completion of the Cup of Russia, the decision on it will be taken by Russian Football Association.

Besides, considering present restrictions for foreign citizens to enter Russia being in power till May the 1st, boards of RPL and RFA work on the subject of a possible return for foreign players and employees to the premises of clubs in Russia. Compliance to all requirements of authorities for quarantine and isolation is pointed out for any possible scenarios.

What about revival of trainings in conditions of present restrictions caused by corona virus world crises?

RPL and RFA studied in detail different restrictions of federal and regional authorities and based on their studies they intend to put together and present their athlete preparation recommendations to football clubs of Russian Premier League. They will be related to individual training and medical testing of players. Besides to it, the league intends to develop together with Rospotrebnadzor the possibility of renewal of football group training, provided restrictions are removed.

Presence of spectators is too early to discuss, but RPL will work on the procedure of performing a game without spectators. When this was usually a measure of this kind was a punishment for a club, now they are necessary measures caused by pandemic.



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