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главная/новости/Krasnodar made fans happy with its victory and fernandes with nicest goal in UEFA Europa League!

Krasnodar made fans happy with its victory and fernandes with nicest goal in UEFA Europa League!

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Home game of FC «Krasnodar» against Turkish «Trabzonspor» in fourth tour of Champions League ends with a confident victory for «bulls» 3:1.

Triumphant goals: Fernandes (1:0, 2:0) Ignatiev (3:0), Nwakaeme (3:1)

Statistics of the Game: Shoots - 8:9; Goal shoots - 5:5; Corners - 8:3; Offsides - 2:1; Saves - 4:2; Fouls - 15:12; Yellow cards - 1:1; Red cards - 0:0; Substitutions - 3:3; Ball holding - «Krasnodar» 52 per cent and «Trabzonspor» 48 per cent.

In spite of «Krasnodar» victory over «Trabzonspor» when «Krasnodar» took over in that standoff 2:0, nobody was totally sure who the winner today is; «Tranzonspor» is a team with a spirit. But «Krasnodar» is one of leaders in Russian Premier League and is not that simple as well, and as a matter of practice is definitely capable to score goals in added time, so the chances were more likely in favour of «black-greens».

Second half of the game became scoring in its very end, and there were not many hot moments although. Regardless of the promise of their coach to fight till the end «Trabzonspor» actually gave up in second time, the team did not charge in. One could notice this after an unbelievably beautiful goal scored with a heel by Fernandes, a player of «Krasnodar». This goal ruined all hopes of Turkish team helplessly. Fernandes was fantastic in this game. It is to acknowledge in all honesty that this goal of Fernandes is the most beautiful in Europe League! Nobody can score a better goal in this week’s tournament than this footballer of «Krasnodar» did. Ari backed with his heel to Magomed-Shapi Suleimanov, who sent the ball to 11 meter point from the corner of penalty area, where Manu Fernandes sent the ball with his heel to the corner that was remote from Kardesler. This repeat can be watched infinitely!

Ivan Ignatiev who substituted Berg and scored the third goal becomes more confident with each game. His experience probably helps him after his interval, including to this one he was with «Krasnodar-2» and scored a goal to «Orenburg» recently. Ivan did not play today on a level where he can to show us great football, but it is rather a matter of time. Fans believe in Ignatiev and coach Murad Musayev admitted in his late interview to «Krasava» blog that Ivan is one of first challengers to the Representative Team and that his future depends on him.

Turkish «Trabzonspor» however could score a goal after the one of Ivan Ignatiev.

In spite of not too many visitors for the game with «Trabzonspor» as for the one with «Orenburg» the joy of victory was not less jubilant.

Good victory, «Krasnodar»! We move right along.

Next opponent for «Krasnodar» in Europe League is Swiss «Basel». The match is at November 28.

photo by Vladimir Melnik / RIA Your news


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