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главная/новости/A Sad Day for Safonov. «Olympiacos» scores 4 Goals to «Krasnodar»!

A Sad Day for Safonov. «Olympiacos» scores 4 Goals to «Krasnodar»!

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A Sad Day for Safonov. «Olympiacos» scores 4 Goals to «Krasnodar»!

Supposing that it is pretty much not easy to win over «Olympiacos» when they are at home was worthwhile. And it happened so. It was a hard test for «Krasnodar».

«Krasnodar» same as in match with «Portu» started with a defeat. Incidentally there was quite a plenty of «doubtful» of victory in a return game. And that was a shame! «Krasnodar» did brilliantly and «Portu» celebrating a victory in advance suffered colossal losses of 44 m Euros, the result of which will most likely be a farewell to some players. But this isn’t a subject of now.

It was necessary for «Krasnodar» themselves to pass this difficult barrier in the form of an uncommon adversary in today’s game against «Olympiacos». They failed to cope, but the chance to retrieve is still there. Nothing is finalized yet. «Bulls» do need this victory to pass to group stage of Champion’s League in order not only to get through the first round clean and fully but to gain financially as well.

Absence of practice of «Olympiacos» due to the championship not started did not stop them to play confidently and to win over their opponent. And not just to win but to crush more likely, as much as it is pity for players and fans to accept! It is evidently a sad day for Safonov and for the whole club in general.

Guys did try and this is a football game. «Olympiacos» wins today and «Krasnodar» shall win tomorrow. We believe in our team and will support them every second in their game at home!

22 year old Lazar Ranđelović scored 2 goals to «Bulls», Miguel Angel Herrero and Daniel Podence also notched one goal each.
A return game of two teams will take place at «Krasnodar» stadium on August, 27. The strongest of this set will pass to the group stage of the tournament.  


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