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«Olympiacos» puts on defense in game with «Krasnodar»

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«Olympiacos» puts on defense in game with «Krasnodar»

Successful performance against «Portu» away from home in Champion’s League made next counterpart «Olympiacos» realize that players of south Russian region are not only worth to be taken serious, but to beware of as well. Example to that are «Dragons» that have flown away to Europe League after the battle with «Krasnodar» at «Dragau» in Portu.

It is already today, August 21, at 22:00 Moscow time «Krasnodar» will appear at «Karaiskakis» stadium of Greek port city Piraeus to play against local top FC «Olympiacos» at qualification games play-off of Champion’s League and against more than 32 thousand spectators who will support their «Legend».

Just a few hours remain till a whistle blows to begin, and presently the only thing that is spoken about is Which one of these FCs will show a quality and resulting game for the sake of performing in main club tournament of Europe? Russia is certainly for its native «Krasnodar». Away from home the players will be supported by 100 fans. These are the statistics of the press office of the FC. 

As to compositions of teams, «Krasnodar» will be against «Olympiacos» with no physical but moral support of Alexander Martynovich and of Ari. Victor Klasson and Yuri Gazinsky are injured as well.

Greek «Olympiacos» on their way to «bulls» had two games against Chzeck «Victoria». Regardless to their extensive experience and their being the most decorated FC of Greece (44 times champions of Greece, 22 times holding the Cup of the Country, «a note of the writer) both of matches against «Victoria» were not easy ones for «red-and-whites». First fight ended «nil to nil». It is only at home that «Olympiacos» had a crashing defeat over «Victoria» 4:0.  After that «Istanbul Başakşehir » fell to the opponents of Greeks when they have taken a second place in last games of Turkish Super League. «Olympiacos» has won on the totals of two games 3:0 again playing much better at home.

Yes, «Krasnodar» should undeniably consider that «Olympiacos» is stronger at home, but Greek players shouldn’t forget that «Krasnodar» is capable to inflict a fierce defeat away from home as well!

To players individually, Greeks have an experienced player Fortounis worth of 10 m. euro but he is currently out due to injury. There are also Elabdellaoui a forward from El Arabi and Valbuena, each of them are enormously experienced. However some players of «Portu» were more dangerous individually.

Apart from Champion’s League «Krasnodar» has already been in 6 rounds of Russian Premier League and the Greek championship has not even started yet. Anyways «Olympiacos» is definitely not at ease in front of the forthcoming opponent, since «Krasnodar» has been fantastic against «Portu» and the victory became famous not everywhere in Russia but in Europe generally.  «Olympiacos» has obviously shuddered during «Krasnodar» - «Portu» match. But «Olympiacos» should not be underestimated, their chances to win at home are considerable and there is a fact to consider that the «red-and-whites» do not loose in Euro Cup games at their field 8 contests at times, 6 confident wins at two draws are among them. «Krasnodar» has won over «Tambov» in Russian Premier League before a match in Greece.

Statistically, «Olympiacos» has done 10 games in qualification tour of Champion’s League and has not lost a single one. «Krasnodar» has won 9 of 27 guest games of euro cups for its part.

Mistake of «Portu» was that they underestimated the «bulls» and their coach believed too much that «Portu» is already in the next phase, hence hurt and tears over the knock out. Opposed to that Greek FC takes «Krasnodar» seriously, considers it a very strong rival and gets ready for a fight accordingly. Senior coach of «Olympiacos» is sure that «Krasnodar» cannot be stopped and that «bulls» can defeat any adversary.

“Level of «Krasnodar» is much higher when compared to Turkish «Istanbul» team. They are fast, good runners and play at counterattacks. We should be very careful in defense. This is a strong team capable of moving from defense to attacking and can control the ball. «Krasnodar» is capable of coping with any opponent and it was shown at showdown with «Portu»”, declared Martinsh a senior coach of «Olympiacos». 

Regardless of book makers’ certainty that chances to get to the next phase are equal for both teams, Russian fans believe undoubtedly that «bulls» will go home with a score that is required.

«Match TV» promised live broadcasting of the game and no surprises this time! It begins at 21:50 Moscow Time.

photo by FC Krasnodar


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