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Nikolai Komlichenko. Road to Big Football

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Nikolai Komlichenko. Road to Big Football

To have an opportunity of choosing between clubs and leagues Nickolai Komlichenko has gone a long way. A football player of second generation, Komlichenko made a history, 28 goals he scored in championship of Check Republic are a record in the history of the league. 

Becoming the best scorer of the championship and defending the colours of FC «Mlada-Boleslav», the one which bought the player from «Krasnodar» and is his owner till summer of 2022, Nickolai has opened his door to prime Russian football. 

Komlichenko is among the most discussed young scorers of Russian football. His transfer is on the agenda of four football clubs. It became known that СSKA an FC of capital and one of the Russian premier league leaders began negotiation to transfer the Russian forward from «Mlada-Boleslav». Goals and scores are expected from Komlichenko by СSKA.  

It is worth to remember that in case of transfer Nikolai will give СSKA another forward of Russian citizenship and that will be quite essential in terms of limitations on international players starting from the next year. CSKA from its side will give the opportunity to Nickolai to play for a Russian club, to move up the career ladder and to play in Champions League. Dreams come true. 

Press sources mentioned before that «Locomotive» was interested and already approved the transfer of the forward for 3.5 m euro, however and from vague sources the deal was temporarily put on hold and made it possible for other clubs to negotiate and the advantage was taken not only by CSKA but by selectionists of Belgian club «Gent» and by Greek club «PAOK».

Whatever the choice of the player is – welcome to the big football!  

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