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«Portu» - «Krasnodar». All or Nothing!

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«Portu» - «Krasnodar». All or Nothing!

FC «Krasnodar» players are on an outbound flight to Portugal today and tomorrow August 13th they will show up at «Dragau» stadium to defend «black and green» against local «Portu» in a return game of third qualifying round for Champions League 2019-2020.

The game may be called the most expected one of a season because a lot depends on it. It might become the last for Krasnodar in CL in 2019-2020 season. There is nowhere to run. The dream of the club and its president, Sergey Galitsky is at the stake, the dream to play in a group stage of Champions League. 

Team has shown a good motivation to get to the next stage at the last game, but unfortunate and unnecessary mistakes and agitation have to led to a goal scored by an opponent. «Bulls» should ride the «Dragons» this time and end of story!

Kick-off team composition is conspired by Murad Musayev, the coach of «Krasnodar». It is known that Ari will skip the game due to his injury.

To kick-off composition, after the first game coach department and president of Bulls were much criticized that they do not trust the students of the Football Academy by putting guest stars to the field and doing so they nip in the bud the idea of Sergey Galitsky about 11 students in the field, however international gaming experience of guest players is most likely to matter at present. The time for students will come at the group stage and this stage is yet to be achieved.

Portu’s Half back and captain Danilu Pereira will skip the game.

What is the mood in both teams? 

According to trainer of «Bulls» Sergey Matveyev and he will take the team to the field, it will be difficult to retrieve the defeat, however the players are at their top and they are ready to fight for victory. The match at the field of «dragons» will be refereed by a group from Italy headed by Marco Guida.

Half back of «Krasnodar» Unes Namli also shared his opinion about possible composition of «Krasnodar» and its perspectives in CL.

“Our team is a collection of good players who are capable of getting to the group stage of the most renowned European Tournament. But of course we will need prove it on the football field» said Namly confidently to «Izvestiya» newspaper.

Portuguese, not less than «Urbans» and literally are ready for a fight. According to «Portu» representatives more than 40 thousand tickets were sold by «Dragau» stadium for this return game and this is more than the home stadium of «Bulls» and also being on a foreign field will not make it easy for them. But football players, as Sergey Galitsky told to Bell Magazine are gladiators who have to die in the field for a victory (in a metaphorical sense of course, note by writer). «Krasnodar» is motivated stronger than «Portu» and there is no doubt that Russian club will try 10 times harder.

This game will show if our «Krasnodar» gladiators are stronger than «Portu» gladiators and who gets the ticket to group stage to play with a winner of «Istanbul BB» Turkey vs «Olimpiakos» Greece.

Together with fans of two teams sport journalists of the whole world will follow the game to tell about the outcome. Let us wish good luck to «Krasnodar» and feel the joy of the victory together with players and tell about it to all readers!

photo by FC Krasnodar


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